Best Celebrity Makeup Looks


Best Celebrity Makeup Looks

I'm bored of my makeup always the same. Do you? Ok, then, come with me to be inspired by some of the best makeup looks celebrities, who are really used to implement various trends on the red carpet as the event that the meet.

It is always good to experience the odd change in our traditional style for several reasons: because it's fun, because we renewed and it is the formula to find out what is what is best. Maybe that golden eye shadow, cream blush that and that red lipstick passion never dared to use are, in truth, your best allies.

Give an opportunity for a new makeup look ! Have a look at some popular styles that are worth imitating, along with some makeup colors 2012 to be fashionable.

Celebrity Makeup

Sienna Miller

We started with this beautiful look of Sienna Miller, who has known how to highlight your natural beauty with the right amount of makeup. He applied black eyeliner on the upper edge of the eye, extending slightly beyond the outer corner of eye. Then, a layer of mascara.
He placed a layer of blush pink-brown powder on the apples of the cheeks. The accent came from the hand of bright bronze powder on the cheekbones and a little shiny champagne powder over it. Her lipstick is deep cherry color.

Tips ? If you want your lips look fuller, apply the lipstick with a brush. If you want to look more natural, strokes and lip makeup applied with a finger.

Minka Kelly

I love this makeup that looks Minka ! Used a beige eye shadow with a touch of golden brown in the creases of the eyelids, eyeliner and a coat of mascara.

Then applied bronzer from the cheeks to the temples combined with pink blush and lipstick pink coral.

Emma Stone

Emma has encouraged the neon lipstick, one of the latest trends in makeup and fashion, to give a fun and sexy. She topped off with pink blush on the apples of the cheeks, neutral eyeshadows and black eyeliner a few strokes on the top edges with a layer mask.

Remember that conserve natural is a basic rule if you go to a fuchsia lipstick as it takes Emma.

Kate Winslet

See how Kate's skin glows. No, not taking sun, nor has tan in a tanning bed, is just makeup!

First, your skin prepared base. Then, added peach cream blush on the apples of your cheeks and covered with powder blush similar color.

For eye makeup, applied gray shadow on the eyelids, delicately skirted the inner corner of eyes with slate pencil and put a layer of mascara. And finally used lipstick and gloss pink-beige.

Scarlett Johannson

Looking for a sexy makeup to dazzle at night ? Then you can be inspired in the attractive look of Scarlett, one of the sexiest famous.

His dramatic eye makeup begins with reddish copper-colored shadow on the eyelids. Then, a little glossy black shade as close to the lash line as possible. He stressed the upper eyelids with a touch of gold shadow and outlined the inner corners of eyes with eyeliner pray that the eyes look larger.
The secret to the shadow look like Scarlett? You mix the shadows gently with your fingers clean.

And for the lips, retains a fairly siemple look with a classic pink lipstick and gloss.

Which of these looks you like best?

With all these beautiful styles to try, I guess your cosmetics were quite messy ... Look at our solutions to maintain the orderly makeup.
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