How to Make Nail Polish With Glitter


How to Make Nail Polish With Glitter

If you are a fan of the manicure, I imagine you will paint your nails at least three or four times a week, am I right? Probably spend too much money on enamel So what if elaboras your own homemade nail polish ?

On hand to give your hands because we will teach you how to make nail polish and not any one : learn to make a nail polish with glitter tutorial LexyLevin. This style of nail art is super trendy and recommended for those who like more glamorous gloss trend.

In just 10 minutes you will have a nail polish with glitter home, economic and fashion, and last but not least, you can make with your favorite colors and the amount of brightness that you believe enough.Do it now!

Nail Polish With Glitter

Materials :
  • 1 transparent nail enamel
  • Glitter or glitter of the type and color you prefer
  • 1 Nail Polish color you want, here used blue
  • Sheet of paper


The nail polish color is optional to give a more solid and consistent look to the nails with glitter decoration.I like! But you can not use if you wish.

In the list of materials, indicated a clear nail polish and a color, but need not be filled. To prepare the glaze with glitter will use only half clear nail polish and a few drops of nail color.

Now, let's start !

Step by Step :

Pour a few drops of nail polish color on half a bottle of clear nail polish.

Spreads the glitter that you will use in the paper, and through it, place it gently on the bottle of clear nail polish to cover about ¾ full.

Shake for the glaze and glitter to mix properly !

You are ready, not bore you more than 10 minutes.
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