4 Solution to Maintain Orderly Makeup


4 Solutions to Maintain Orderly Makeup

Maintain orderly makeup can be a real torture. As with the clothing, I bet that all we love to have the must of the season and well-organized cosmetics. However, the truth is that we hate to have to put us to order, right?

Today I found some interesting proposals that perhaps can be transformed into an alternative solution so we can find the corresponding will to get to sort properly. What I'm talking about? Because of 4 ways to keep makeup ordered really effective.

Do you want to know them ?

How to Order Makeup

Magnetic Board

The idea of ​​the board I loved it. It is simple, effective and, above all, very practical to keep all cosmetics in their proper place. The idea is to glue a small magnet behind every makeup. Then just enough cover with a bit of wrapping paper the magnificent magnetic board and ready!All in order! What about this idea?

Decorated Vessels

Make a craft can be a very fun if done with dedication, right? How about doing some simple glasses decorated for saving brushes? You can define which are equivalent to each glass, then organize them by size and texture. I recommend you only put a few decorative stones inside so the brushes are properly secured.

Hanging Bottles

If you are looking for clear table of the room and organize your makeup a little small but maybe these adorable hanging bottles are the answer you're looking for. Simple, easy to make and very feminine. You only have to tie some string to hang thick, place wrapping paper for decorating and a thin ribbon as a finishing touch. What do you think?

Makeup Case

Finally, for those who do not intend to barely move a finger to maintain order, certainly a case to make as this is the best option. The idea is to cover as an attractive image to save whatever is necessary. Brushes, lipsticks and even leftovers that do not want to lose sight of. You'll see it will be a fantastic solution to keep all makeup together and tidy.

Which one idea to order the make you stay? Whatever, now you know that maintaining orderly makeup if possible.There's no excuse !
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