Enamels Fashion Colors 2012


Enamels Fashion Colors 2012

Many think of the colors of clothing, shoe colors, new colors that are hot nude, which ... We have forgotten the nails! Which can not happen again.

The nails are also a way to supplement our entire appearance. So it is basically essential to be aware of new trends 2012 in colored enamels, and know what the colors more likely to look at that next season.

These not only show you what some of the colors that will play on this year, but you also mention some of the best brands of nail polish, that you must consider when investing your money on cosmetics. Will I follow ?


Fashion Colors 


Red Nails

Apparently red nails never go out of fashion, and have become one of the trends IN for all seasons. In spring, summer, autumn and even winter, a strong and striking red nails no doubt eventually succeed bring a touch of personality that all seek. Meanwhile, the two ideas we propose that the photos are a classic red passion, and deep red with a little glitter ... Perhaps for the night ? What do you think ?

Nude Color Nail

The nude color is not only fashionable clothing, but also because we can deploy our nails and finding it in some of the glazes of many of the most popular cosmetic companies and recognized the moment. As for the above proposals, the idea is basically the same, some kill for the day, and lots of shine for evening wear.

Gold Nails

You wanted more shine ? Well there you go. You had mentioned some time ago that one of the main trends of 2012 was to be implemented much glitter and sparkle to our closet, but I bet we can incorporate this trend into our hands right ? And nothing better than a gold glaze to achieve the subtle touch and refined look.

Nail Color

You also need some awesome colors ! These glazes provide color to your outfit, plus it will also bring a touch of summer and youth truly fantastic. Dare, implements and make up your mind through pink, fuchsia, orange, green, or yellow.

Which do you prefer ?

Enamels Recommended

Nars Enamels

Nars The glazes are very popular, and certainly promise that all cosmetic excellence of the firm usually offer. This season the brand continues to offer us a wide range of colors, plus some basic colors that never go out of style.

Colorama Enamels

They are not my favorites, but still not totally despise. The cost is actually very affordable for those who do not want to spend too much on expensive cosmetics, and apparently are making some improvements recently remarkable in their products.

Sally Hansen Enamels

Without doubt the greatest endurance have. And I bet you really hate all the glazes that are scaled very quickly, right ? So quiet! Sally excellence are in good hands, and as fashion colors. not much to say, just enjoy the video !!!

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