Sexy Hairstyles For Long Hair

Trends Haircuts & Hairstyles 2012

Sexy Hairstyles For Long Hair 2012

Hair is an indisputable weapon of seduction that women have, especially long hair. Although now the latest trends in haircuts invite us to use short or to the shoulders as much on sensual long hair almost always win. Are you lucky enough to have a long hair ? What if seized upon with hairstyles ?

We encourage you to make some of these sexy hairstyles for long hair that we recommend in the magazine Cosmopolitan, are combed for both the day to night, you will see well cute and stylish.

Waves With Bangs

Waves in the hair, especially pronounced at the tips, give movement, sensuality and volume to your hair. The bangs straight and combed to the side gives the share of elegance: the longer bangs, better! Look how good it is this look at Reese Witherspoon.

Semirecogido Loose

This hairstyle semirecogido or medium tail that looks Jessica Biel is one of the sexiest hairstyles. Why ? Because it is not perfect: remember to leave some loose strands or "disheveled" gives a natural touch, Relieving, wild and youthful styling. Apply foam on the hair to add volume while it is still a little damp, blow dry and collect the hair back, the area of ​​the ears, using fork to hold it.

Bow Low

This hairstyle is perfect straight hair girls. The best thing is that it is really simple: you must dry your hair with hair dryer, make a line-I prefer to the side, as here used, Jessica Stroup and make a rather low ponytail at the nape of the neck. Then wrap the hair around the rubber band that you used and the subject with several forks to form the bun.

Textured Hair

What should I do to have hair like Blake Lively, one of the most beautiful and sexy women of Hollywood ? We must do the following: Apply hairspray to give volume and texture from roots to ends, then blow dry and flat iron curling pass in some sections.

Bow to The Side

Another option is hair collected sexy low chignon to the side as was done Becki Newton. You comb your hair to one side and arm a large tuft a few inches from your neck. If your hair is very smooth or low volume, apply mousse to give more body to your hair while it is still wet and then dry it with hairdryer.

Loose, Bangs And Accessories

The loose hair with bangs in front and straight with a cute headband or accessories is another alternative to combing easier ... Especially when you do not have much time! Mimics the look of Nicole Richie.

Loose Curls and Soft

The curls hard, well defined, and were. Now use the loose curls, soft, and unarmed: no longer have to worry if you disarm at the party! It's savage style is much more sexy : Eva Longoria proves it. For your hair so you have to wrap sections of hair (ears down) flat iron curling and then when the locks are cool gently brush curls.

Many ideas! Have you decided which of these sexy hairstyles for long hair apply ?
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