Ponytail Curly Hair 2012

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Trends Ponytail Curly Hair 2012

This article is dedicated, above all, to the teenage girls. If you attend school you will know that there is a field to admire all the trends and different styles for costumes, hairstyles or accessories. But that. not always goes according to comfort or practicality.

So today we take care of you looking for a hairstyle super fashionable and easy to do, so you can move naturally.

Today's proposal is the known ponytail but with a small variation, curly hair. I know girls who have natural curls to die by a hair flat and long, although it is not always the most "fun" when creating new hairstyles. Let's see together how to make a ponytail of this type.

Step 1

Create a few large and delicate, loops in the entire head, with your hair iron. If you do not know how to do it I recommend that you read some of our articles or that you consult your hairdresser about some tips.

Step 2

Divide the hair into two sections and tie it with a kind of "knot tie", this will make the link is great and to have presence. To keep it in place, it is good to use some invisible forks.

Step 3

Devote yourself to some Wicks loose around the face. Remember that the more messed up look better will be. After that it is soon you can tweak with the hair iron loops that have not been well trained.

Ready ! When you get bored you can change the ponytail by any braid style romantic.
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