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Haircut with Bangs Based on The Face

Haircuts with bangs are hot for a couple of years. Still you have not encouraged the trend ? Or have you tested and not convinced you ? If you think of the latter, maybe it was because you did not choose the best hairstyle of bangs as your face.

Not all haircuts look good to us all, depends on the type and color of hair we have and, above all, the shape of our face. we bring you some tips for you to adopt a fringe around the shape of your face.

First check how you have your face according to the scheme. Then ... Tell me how you have the face and tell you what kind of bangs to use !

Oval Face

If your face is oval're lucky, they fit well all types of bangs from the bangs to the side until the entire thick bangs. Choose the one you like more!

Round Face

You must choose a style that disguises the roundness of your face. The ideal style for round face bangs to sweep the bangs to the side, not too thick or short to smooth your cheeks.

Square Face

The best style for square face fringe is long enough to the side in order to disguise the jaw line. You can also use party parting.

Heart Shaped Face

In this case, you must choose a type of bangs that hides your chin prominent, such as fragmented bangs to the side. If you want to highlight the eyes, cheer the thicker bangs.

Triangular Face

With the triangular face shape you can use almost all types of bangs. Feel like the whole bangs like Katie Holmes, for example ? The shape of your face helps.

Face Oblong (Longer than Wide)

You can use the same styles of bangs recommended for oval face, but avoid using it too long and to the side because that further lengthens the face.

Have you identified the haircut with bangs that suits your face ?
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