Summer Sunglasses Retro Styles


2012 Summer Sunglasses Retro Styles

Every summer there is a style of sunglasses essential. Indeed there are many, but on this occasion we will discuss retro Sun glasses.

Fashion makes us change of garments, accessories and sunglasses were not going to be less. Years increasingly carry glasses of decades past, known as the retro glasses; that Yes, with the designs and the current touch of the times in which we live.

Retro Glasses

The term cat's eye will be in the mouth of each and the 1950s, 60s and 70s will also come into scene. You know that famous and trends go hand in hand and therefore have seen to celebrities such as Nicole Richie, Melanie Griffith, Olivia Palermo or Romina Belluscio posing with glasses of this style.

The square lenses, round to oval and are very fashionable. When it comes to frames, these are adorned with accessories, animal print, and more. As for colors, it's huge: fluoro colors, pastel shades, the always elegant black ... As the saying goes, you can use it perfectly for the glasses in "to each her own."
And if the celebrities go together fashion, firms already obvious. They also have fallen for the. And in many parades have seen this style glasses. The parades of Prabal Gurung, Proenza Schouler and Nicole Farhi a clear example. Almost all brands have some retro model in his collection already in the market for the summer season of 2012 that are imposing trend.
Tips For Using Retro Glasses :

A warning that you can do is to wear retro style glasses does that you have to wear a full retro look. We can not forget the sunglasses is a complementary adornment but above all a practical. We use them to protect our eyes from the sun which are harmful and clear, as we always like to go to the last.

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