Sunglasses Spring Summer 2012


Sunglasses For Spring Summer 2012

For the next season will not take you by surprise, and you're getting ahead of all the latest fashion trends spring summer 2012. We have seen what the clothes and styles that are coming, and now we know what designs of sunglasses are those who will rule next summer and all year round.

Besides being a cool accessory and that bring something special to our look, remember that sunglasses are very important to guard our eyes from the sun, beyond fashion, you'll need sunglasses for your health . Why not have a cute and trendy?

We tell you what sunglasses spring summer 2012 to go choosing yours.

Mirrored Aviator Style 


I love aviator sunglasses in all styles, but if there is one that is very cool for the summer are mirrored. This style looks good on long faces or heart-shaped. ¿Brands such models? Ray Ban and Gucci, for example.



This design of sunglasses is very cool, and is ideal for those who love vintage. The big round glasses look great on girls with square faces, then soften the features. Alexander McQueen is one of the companies that offers these designs.

Cat Eyes XL 


The glasses shaped cat's eye is one of the must have fashion do the recall? Inspired by the retro, this model is perfect for young girls, oval or round face. A brand that offers various models of cat eyes? Armani.

Retro Squares 


Another retro design that came to stay in designs of sunglasses are the square. They look very beautiful, elegant, and best of all, you look good in all types of face: round, oval, oblong and square. Tommy Hilfiger has launched Ray Ban and different designs of this type.

Which one you like best? I stay with everyone !
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