2012 Haircuts Bob


Photos 2012 Haircuts Bob

Wear their hair as bob is one of the biggest fashion trends 2012, which is why today we wanted to present some pictures through the hairstyles in this style have more success this season.

As you will see within these cuts are straight cut both proposals as well as asymmetric layer, which gives us a wide variety of options for finding the cut that best suits your face, the texture of our hair and style we characterized, three fundamental characteristics that must be met to ensure the styling success.

Among the trends and styles that will one stands out most in medium haircuts is the short cut that goes in and never gets longer by drawing a straight line to the chin. Court really ideal for very straight-haired girls.

Cuts full of movement by incorporating multiple layers are another of the stars of fashion 2012.

For more details on medium hair cuts that are trend this season, we invite you to visit the photo gallery that we leave.
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