How To Paint Leopard Nails


How To Paint Leopard Nails Step By Step

The nails in animal print styles are very attractive to men and very seductive, as a weapon to use in women. Of course, not all have the gift to make, so we thought it was funny today present a tutorial on how to paint leopard nails step by step.

To start, you must apply the basic tone is white in this case, but if you prefer another color, you can.
Then when dry, will generate the gradient can be seen on the cover image, that the initial target, is become blue towards the tips. For this, use a pastel blue nail polish.
The third step can consist of repeating the above, or on the tip of the nail, either apply an enamel, slightly darker tone. The objective of this is that when drying, can appreciate a white part, a soft blue and a more intense blue.
Finally, the most difficult part: stains. A black nail pen is the ideal tool to do so. If you don't feel able to do so, it is only a matter of looking at this image and try to emulate
Finally, if everything went as expected, we might expect that the final result was something like this.

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