Makeup Trends Spring Summer 2012


Make up Trends Spring Summer 2012

Are you willing to look fantastic this season spring summer 2012, Do you intend to achieve this change we have longed for ? Well, then you should not leave anything to chance, including without it, makeup, which is a vital part of time to highlight every woman's face, cover unwanted things and beautify markedly the final look. Here are some trends.

Highlight the tabs below, as above, is an old trick, but if this is done well, the results they get, make it almost unnecessary to add any other, just a little base.
The eyelids with a touch tone metal such as gold, silver or bronze, are a possibility very smoothly, they give a slight change that makes the difference between a fall and a distinguished face.
False eyelashes ultimately try to leave, but if necessary can achieve get several looks, otherwise, would indifferent. Contrast the above tabs off the bottom, accentuates this effect.
A look more relaxed, youthful and lover of break the rules, then you should opt for something like what did Katy Perry, betting on strong colours, as Apple green, lilac, purple, orange and yellow duckling. It is important to note that you in these cases, the color of eyes and skin, you can condition the colors to use. For example the Orange is recommended for darker skins, while green and turquoise, for more white. For their part, Brown eyes, make wonders with tones such as light green or deep red.
Smoky eye is called to this effect has Kim Kardashian, where shadows and highlighters tabs, generated an almost mystical environment, around the eye, while the rest of the face, remained soft, but with a coral color , highlighting cheeks and forehead.
Cat eyes that often provide the claim at the time of going to a party. With liner, can easily get the same result of the image.
If not a lover of makeup, but want to cover up some facial details, such as pimples or blackheads, better opt for a natural look, with a base equal to its normal color, just tone highlighted with a salmon on the lips.
Finally, the magnificent combination of Rihanna, with a little mascara, shadow, tone violet eye and lip gloss, simple, elegant and distinguished.
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