Makeup Tricks to Make the Lipstick Last Longer


Makeup is an issue. I know. It is essential to have good cosmetics, some technical and some other knowledge to achieve a make up that lasts many hours, something that seems impossible ...But it is not!

My proposal today will be a extremely simple makeup tricks to make the lipstick last longer. I do not promise a result of 24 hours as many other firms, but several hours and a nearly flawless makeup. Do not miss these makeup tricks !

Based on the Lips Place 


One of the most classic tricks and known of all is to put a little foundation on your lips before applying lipstick bar. Why? The base allows the focus and makeup last longer. Is a very easy to perform, and only need a small brush to apply foundation makeup. An easy step!

Use Good Quality Cosmetics 


Unfortunately it is true: what good is expensive. And in the case of lipstick, cheap products provide little lasting result. It is best to bet on companies that offer good products, cosmetics trusted and efficient results. Believe me, you will not regret!


Use Two Layers of Lip

After you have used the base, I recommend two coats of lipstick. The first of them to achieve the desired hue and the second color to enhance the maximum. If you're looking for nude lips, you can apply even three layers of makeup. But if your desires are a sensual red lips, with two layers will be fine.


Apply Powder Makeup On the Lips

Finally, to ensure a more durable make-up, you can incorporate a powder on the lip. These will provide a most notorious brightness and will color it underscores and lasts much longer. It is a very effective trick! Do not miss it.
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