Pictures Of Short Haircuts Famous


Pictures Of Short Haircuts Famous

It ended the belief that short hair is a hairstyle for men. They ended the myth that short hair remains femininity. More and more women who dare to surrender to the barber's scissors to cut their hair and wear a short haircut played. Including many celebrities, you can see in this selection of pictures of short hairstyles.

To my taste, short hair is very fine and elegant. It also has many advantages: it is easy to maintain, quick to washing and drying and, if it is cut very short, even sometimes do not even have the need styling. Ever wondered how much time, patience and shampoo we would save with short hair?

I was always a fan of long hair, and in fact, I learned to take it to the waist for many years. However, I believe that someday I will encourage use short hair, because looking at these pictures of short hairstyles famous I realized that you can achieve fantastic results.

Look at them and let us know you.

Rihanna. The style of this singer must be the most versatile played with celebrities. But everything looks good! Even with short hair dyed red and angry Rihanna wears its glam.
Emma Watson. We were all surprised with his new look last year, but when we saw we loved. The pixie haircut Emma Watson highlights her perfect face.
Halle Berry. I love how her hair is short to Halle! It is undoubtedly one of the best looks this hairstyle to the point that, in my opinion, it is much better this long hair look.
Ashlee Simpson. Unlike her sister Jessica Simpson, Ashlee loves to change her look. Here she is wearing her hair cut short and blond under a hat.
Kelly Osbourne. Having lost weight, the daughter of Ozzy figure looks excellent new look combined with short blond hair, always adorned with a headdress, as the crest we see in the picture.
Winona Ryder. The actress wore her hair short for years.
Pink. I remember a picture of Pink with long hair. It's more ... Have you ever had it? The singer is a fan of short hair, and has excelled in blond, dark-haired and even pink, as his nickname.
Victoria Beckham. If we talk about hair trends we can not forget the name of the wife of David. Vicky was one of the major drivers of bob haircut, a style of fashion since 2007 and today. Here we can see :
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