Nail Enamels 2012 Thakoon Collection Nars


Nail Enamels 2012 : Thakoon Collection Nars

With the changing seasons, colors are rotated and the most popular cosmetic companies take the opportunity to present some of their most recent accomplishments. This time has been Nars who dazzles us with an impressive range of new colors, with his latest collection Thakoon 2012 in six new and innovative colors.

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New Collection From Nars Thakoon

I must admit that Nars has always been one of my favorite cosmetic companies. Yes it is true that he was on par with Mac, but I think Nars Cosmetics products have always been loyal to all my demanding expectations.

Imagine my surprise to discover this fantastic new collection of enamels and 2012. Perfect to wear nail color and basically great if what is sought is presumed glazes really durable and effective.

The designer responsible for this great achievement was Thakoon Panichgul, who says he was inspired by the colors of India, their sacred festivals and distinctive spices.

The tones can be seen in the 2012 collection of Thakoon Nars ranging from the bold yellow, blue, sky blue, fuchsia, pink, to a strong and classic red.

For now, Panichgul summer promises and flashy colors really. Ringtones nails shine and look really lovely. Although, of course, all good things last long. And it was expected that this fabulous collection of enamels also out. Unfortunately, this is a proposal for limited edition, which is only available commercially for a few months.

If you're interested, do not despair! You can buy them at any Nars cosmetics store or on its official website at a cost of $ 18.
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