Choose Your Lip Tone as Your Skin


Choose Your Lip Tone as Your Skin

We fail repeatedly with lip color that feels good. There are several factors that help us figure out what tone is what goes with us, for example, the hair color. A blondes they are best warm, rich colors, the brown color is going great and brownish maroon

But the skin is another indicator to know what color that suits you best.See what tone you take to look perfect lips this season !

To care for your lips one of the best weapons is the lipstick, as it helps protect them, although some colors more favorable than others.We help you find your tone!

If you have fair skin, your color palette is pink, red and purple, but the tone that will give more life to your face will be red. Also the very dark roses are a good option, but be careful not to enter the range of very light or pastel shades.

For a more or less normal skin, which is not very fair but neither is always tanned, the best are tones that combine intense red with brown tones. Choose from purple, not too dark or if you're brown or maroon brown and cherry red test if you're blonde.

If you have an olive skin you better be brown and beige. Opt for yellowish, brown or try to put only one coat of gloss for a natural look.

The chocolate color, almost purple, violet and dark red tones are your ideals if you have dark skin because it will highlight your lips. Are not recommended based tones orange, peach or gold. For a hair test also wear a dark red almost black cherry.
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