Nail Enamels 2012 Laque by Yves Saint Laurent Couture


Nail Enamels 2012 : Laque by Yves Saint Laurent Couture

As recently as a few days ago I had mentioned a brand new collection of nail polishes hand Nars: Thakoon. Well today it is the turn to another important signature, and also another of my favorites: Yves Saint Laurent. Is that the nail polishes are very fashionable, and 30 new colors that mark has been submitted in line Couture La Laque are already the talk of the beauty addict.

Want to know? Read on!

New Nail Polish by Yves Saint Laurent

Welcome them! Right? I think everything that comes from the hand of that mark would welcome it. Anyway, the collection that this time the firm has promoted, is a line of no more and no less that 30 pitches.

A variety of colors really striking, as well as subtle shades, simple and feminine.
Apparently, this is a new adaptation of the oft-mentioned collection La Laque. Only with a new container, brush really very comfortable, not to mention the occasional variation in the colors that we'll have time to check.
The glaze application seems to be really smooth, satisfying all of our expectations, no doubt many other brands have failed to clearly enamels hoard.

A new formula and extremely fast drying must also be other features highlights of the collection.
For now, enamels The YSL Laque are not on sale, but I assume that soon will be after seeing the significant developments that have made.

However, the only detail that any approved is the high price that these wonders have. Rounded up to $ 26 per copy.

No, not gold: But surely yes worth it!

Do we test ?
And if you still want more colors, the colors do not miss 2012's most fashionable, and some interesting tones that the signature Oscar de la Renta has prepared us.
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