How To Use Neon Lipstick


How To Use Neon Lipstick

Beware of neon lip! If not properly applied, can make us look like a friendly clown. And, except to go to a costume party, clearly that's what we would never do when we make up on. But calm, can use the trend of neon lips for sure, if you follow these tips on how to use neon lipstick.

However much or vibrant neon colors are the rage, we must integrate our look harmonious and balanced so precisely because they are really bright colors. One thing is adapted to clothing and the other to make up, it is nothing less than our face!

Did you get an irresistible fuchsia lipstick, orange or red passion? Do you want to encourage you to wear it? Well, go ahead! These makeup tips are yours to look spectacular with your new make up.

Neon Lip Makeup

Eyes and Cheeks to the Natural

If you choose makeup with neon lipstick, this will be the protagonist. Remember one of the essential rules of makeup: less is more. Since this type of lipstick in itself draws much attention, let alone make up sconces eyes and cheeks, you'll look better!

You have to balance the intensity of neon naturally, especially if it's a casual look for day. Stick to a soft eyeliner color blush and a nude or pale pink. In this equilibrium is that it is the fine line between looking stylish and fashionable or ... Disguise!

Consider Color

Consider skin tone is very important to choose the right lip, is the color it is. Warm fur women should opt for the labial-based red or orange, while the skins cold sores should choose based or blue undertones. Eye! Make no mistake, based on shades of blue does not mean blue lip. Refers to how it is made the lipstick.

How do I know which classification it belongs your skin tone? Well, check out the veins in your wrists, if they are blue, your skin tone is cool, and if they are green, your skin tone is warm.

The Best Seasons

The readers know that neon trend has been present throughout the year. However, for his bold, bright and intense shades of the colors we associate with spring and summer. Thus, a neon lipstick will be great fun at parties & summer vacation, and in the first warm nights of spring. In fact, a variant of the classic in style red lipstick.


A neon lipstick is not for everyone. So, technically yes it is because all we could use, but say that to look much color you have to be very safe. Do you look in the mirror and lipstick that does not convince you? Well, take it off! Do not lie to yourself, if you like, replace it with your lip forever. It is preferable to that which makes us look beautiful and confident to wear a trend simply by wearing the trend, right?

Encouraged !

If you really passionate about the trend, and like how it looks on your lips, come on to show it off! Well, yes, you only live once and if it pleases you, who cares what others are saying? Also, change your look and experiment with new styles never hurts.

Try it in Natural Light

If you're buying a neon lipstick, it is essential that you try it before paying. But remember one thing, the lighting in the store does not always correspond with natural lighting or actual places where you will use the lipstick. Lighting greatly influences how they perceive the intense colors such as neon. If you can, take a sample of lipstick to try at home before you buy.
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