How To Make a High Bun With a Braid

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How To Make a High Bun With a Braid

We are in the weekend, surely you planning a meeting with friends or have a couple interesting plan. Have you thought what you gonna wear? What hairstyle are you going to do ? For the latter, do not worry: you bring an idea !

This is a new tutorial for The Beauty Department in which we are taught to make a high bun with a braid, a beautiful hairstyles, elegant for any occasion and, what is better, really easy! You will not lose too much time in production: this hairstyle will take no more than 5 to 10 minutes.

Take hands, brush, comb and rubber bands to work ... A combing!
High bun with a braid Step by step

Make sure you have your hair completely dry, but need not be freshly washed hair for this hairstyle. In fact, it is better to bow to the day after washing your hair with shampoo, because it has more body and volume.

Make a ponytail high, in the center of the head with a rubber band hair. There must be a perfect ponytail, what matters is that is properly secured and firm.
Remove a portion of hair (about ¼) of the tail. Try taking strips from the side of the ponytail, not back.

Weapon a bow with the hair of the ponytail, except the portion that you had paragraph in the previous step. Hold it with several forks.

Once the knot is secure, take the ¼ section of hair you had in step 3 and trénzalo. It can be a braid style you want; common braid, fishtail braid, braid mermaid tail, etc.. When finished, tie a rubber band with small elastic color of your hair.

Place the swindle around the bow, as if you wrap your base. Hold it to the bun with a few hairpins.

We already have a high bun with braid and fringe. Did you like?

Holiday Bows step

The hair bows are perfect for night and easier to make than you think. Do not miss our exclusive video tutorial to make bows party step by step.

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