Fame, The Scent of Lady Gaga


Fame, The Scent of Lady Gaga

The artist most controversial and dramatic world of music should have its own perfume. The amazing Lady Gaga Fame presented his scent through his official account of the social network Twitter.

A fragrance that according to the singer, is a color very similar to human blood and becomes invisible when it contacts the skin. Developed in the laboratories of Paris Haus, the proposed Lady Gaga has an aroma in the style of the artist with which certainly do not pass unnoticed. Want to know how it smells? So do not miss our article today.

The aromatic combination of Fame consists of apricot powder, scents of saffron, black incense, a few drops of honey, heart of tiger orchid and tears of Belladonna.

No blood, Or Sperm

An explosive mixture and quite "normal" given the peculiar and extravagant tastes of the singer, who has many followers throughout the world (myself included). So finally, the fragrance does not contain sperm and blood, as had been announced.

And is that with so much mystery that has been generated around the scent of Lady Gaga, I can not wait to try the fragrance! A scent for girls, but the singer could be seen as mixed.

Made with innovative and very special, the scent of Lady Gaga is attracting great interest, both among his followers, and among the general public. As regards the design, the truth is I expected a lot more appealing bottle and provocative, although the proposal is quite close to the style of Lady Gaga.

"His color is the soul of fame." Thus defined the singer to his proposal aromatic. Maybe you can try and find out for sure? Share with us your experience. Since then a perfume that will not go unnoticed and will attract all kinds of opinions.
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