Tips For Nail Polish Last Longer


Tips For Nail Polish Last Longer

I like my nails are perfect. Although I know that sometimes it is difficult to manicure lasts several days and in good condition. I'm not asking wonders ... Only good results! And thanks to years of bad experiences with nail polish, today I bring you four simple tips to apply that will be of much help : these tips for nail polish last longer.

Make the glaze lasts more parese impossible, I know. But it is not! Just follow the tips that I propose today iMujer and then tell me your results.

How to Last Longer Than Enamel

Do Not Scrub Without Gloves

One of my many bad habits is to get me to clean up after a manicure at home. It's crazy! The enamel breaks down instantly and there is nothing you can do about it. If you are anxious or are in a hurry, I recommend that you wash and friegues with rubber gloves. They do magic, but serve as the glaze skip.

No Nail Biting

Forget about biting your nails! There is nothing worse. Not only spoils the enamel but also spoils the shape of the nails. This is a disgusting habit that all women should try to suppress nerve. At least make the attempt! Follow our tips to stop biting your nails.

Use Protective Enamel

For me, painting nails in a real job. First base, then the enamel layers and finally the protector. Yes, enamel saver! It is essential that you never forget it, because it allows the nail polish lasts about two or three days longer than estimated. It is a major change, right ?

Do Not Use Poor Quality Enamels

The enamels of poor quality lasts less. They are very inexpensive and can be found in very pretty colors, but as always say ... Good is expensive! My recommendation is to use well-known brands that promise good results: OPI and Sally Hansen are two of my favorite brands.

Try these tips and then tell me your results ;)

Also I recommend you see more tips on how to make the enamel last longer and how to paint nails step by step. Easy to say, hard to do! No? We'll help you.
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