Painted Blue Eyes With Shadow or Pencil Trends 2012


Painted Blue Eyes With Shadow or Pencil Trends 2012

Gateways and stylists present us trends, a wide range on which you can choose how much of each one of them is the one that most suits us. This happened also with the proposals of makeup summer 2012 by Lola Make Up, a product launch of latest trend with which you can create different looks. Knowing this year paint it blue eyes still keeping as an essential, Ivan Gomez proposes you to get it in two different ways.

On the one hand we see a sophisticated image thanks to the perfect smoky eyes that have been in the picture on the left. A studied set of colors which gives a nice effect of light and shade. In this case, the blue is the absolute protagonist because it has been implemented in all the contours of the eyes, but much measuring the quantities. The shadow comes from the side of the nasal septum and takes the upper eyelid grazing the eyebrow.

In turn, the lower eyelid has also blurred in this tone to unite with the earlier work. Light the brings the white stripe that has drawn on the inside, as well as the subtle shading with illuminating effect that part of the lacrimal and stays glued to the birth of the tabs. A technique that requires some practice, not so with the second proposal.

On the picture on the right we can see a few eyes painted blue but only with pencil. It's a complete framed which is born from the lacrimal and extends towards the ends, inside and outside, above and below. The key is a good pulse and choose a pencil that is electric blue, a very striking tone that looks in a special way if accompanied it a simple natural shading that provides you a naked eyelid effect.
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