Your Eyes Say What Shade You Should Use


Your Eyes Say What Shade You Should Use

Do you it has be in a store of cosmetics looking at many different shadows palettes without knowing what to choose not gone ? It might be frustration

Many say that according to your eye color you should find a shadow in these shades to keep a same color scheme. But it is not true ! If you choose the same colors, then your eyes and shade will compete and of course, you'll gain the shadow. That way, no one will notice your eyes only your makeup.

With these small tips you know what colors to choose according to your eye color, your skin tone and the size of your eyes. Don't miss it !

If your eyes are small, then you can opt for dark colors that we framed well and make them to call attention. If you have large eyes, then you are fortunate, that you can use light and dark tones. Clearings will make your look more luminous, while the dark will give you a sexy appearance.

If your skin is clear you should opt for colors bright and clear, that the dark could make your expressions look a little harsh. But if your skin is dark, look deep tones.

If your eyes are blue or blue : looking for warm brown or gray and soft peach tones.

If they are green : Golden or greyish Brown, Purple Violets, intense or soft lilac and soft peach tones.

If they are grey : purple, intense or black brown.

If you are Brown: you are lucky, any color will come well provided that you do not use your same tone to not obscure your eyes.

Of course these tips are General, each one knows well what colors you feel and what not, but if not you you animabas to try different tones, then now know what you will be well. Luck !
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