How to Make Bows In Her Hair


How to Make Bows In Her Hair

The ribbons are one of my favorite accessories. Not only are basically great as gifts and presents, but also one of the most feminine accessories to wear in your hair.

Clips, pins, bows, ribbons, no matter, remain one of the most fashionable trends for this season and here we will help you implement your look as natural as possible. Follow him to this current fashion, I bet you'll be delighted.

Ribbons With Bows

The bonds made bows are great. They are extremely feminine, plus they also are great for the smaller house also look. Make a bow with a small piece of tape is really very simple, and need not spend any money on expensive pins or clips to decorate our hair with the nicest buns.

The first thing to do to look a supplement like this, is to cut a piece of ribbon approximately 12 inches long, depending on how thick you want hair to hold the loop.

Then ? Just enough to tie your hair with a classic gum hair, and move the tape we had previously cut around. It calls for a bow well gathered, meaningful, and with a firm knot, so it does not disarm.

Clips With Bows

These are undoubtedly the easiest and simplest solution, especially if we seek to keep things simple bends and bows made perhaps take away a little time when we are in a hurry. Is the solution to these occasions ?

The ribbons with pins are also very attractive, plus they offer a much more secure attachment bonds and ribbons that had previously mentioned. You can buy them in many shops in town, or perform personally for not spending a single coin. You just need a lovely satin ribbon, some glue transparent color, and a clip that you can buy very easily.

Meanwhile, the steps to make these bows are very simple. Start by making the necessary folds, glue the bow on the clip with a little clear glue, let dry for a few hours or a day at most, and go ! Do not worry !

Hairbands With Bows

The hairbands are my last option, and there is not too much to say of them, that they are simply charming, really feminine, and extremely attractive. You can select hairbands with ribbons, large or small, and I bet anyway quedarĂ­as really great.

Done ! Three interesting proposals to look delicate ribbons in your hair as your primary complement. You just have to decide which of these proposals have you liked most deploy your look.

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