Beauty Secrets of Charlize Theron


Beauty Secrets of Charlize Theron

Actress Charlize Theron is always a highlight for all every time he appears on a red carpet. This celebrity in every presentation looks flawless and her face is one of the strongest points of their appearance, as it boasts a glowing skin and a makeup style that suits your features.

Today we reveal the beauty secrets of Charlize Theron, with the help of his staff makeup artist Emilio Uribe. Emilio describes in three simple steps how to prepare this star to keep your skin smooth and create a very cool look.

Beauty tips Charlize Theron

Skin Preparation

As we know, before applying any make-up is recommended to clean and moisturize the skin thoroughly. The secret is to use a light moisturizer followed by a serum, which helps to reveal healthy skin and hides the signs of aging, it creates a lifting effect.

The foundation also plays a role in Charlize's regime, and that you always use a soft surface gloss, which makes a face look younger.


Before applying any kind of sore, Emilio recommended a gentle exfoliation followed by cocoa butter is allowed to act for a few minutes, then apply lipstick.

For Charlize, uses much the colors nude and red when using the nude tone, enhances it with gloss in the center.

To wear the red applied after lipstick is tweaked line lips with a little loose powder, and prevents lipstick to smear and appear to have spots.


Charlize prefers eye shadows in natural tones (beige, brown, pink) with a delicately outlined, supplementing the use of false eyelashes and lots of mascara to give intensity to the look.
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