Making Herringbone Braid

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Making Herringbone Braid

I always liked the herringbone braid. It seems that beautiful hair, very feminine and above all, very original. But ... Do I have to say something? I've learned to do it! We'll provide tips tricks to perform exclusively provide all learn how to establish a pin.

The herringbone braid seems hard to do, but it is not. His technique is quite similar to that of a traditional braid so with a little practice you know make up with my eyes closed.

Practice with a friend looking for a way to do the herringbone braid in our article we share below. Then, encouraged to do your own hair!

Step by Step



  • First, prepare the hair with a ponytail. Then, divide the hair into two.

  • Divide one of the two halves. Combine the lock of hair that is more outward with the first division. Do the same with the second strand. 


      • Continue the procedure until the braid. 


        • When finished, place a rubber band to hold hair.

         It's ready!

        You know how to make a herringbone braid.

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