Fashion For Women With Curves


Fashion For Women With Curves

Prominent hips ? Pronounced tail ? Big bust ? If you have the privilege to look as stunning figure, kicking butt ! Fashion will be responsible for help, because as always there are clothes and styles commented that favor by each body. Just today we will focus on fashion for curvy women.

An example of this body is actress Kim Kardashian. What if we take their looks as a reference ? To take note of your tips !

Fashion Tips For Girls With Curves

Wear Seat

One trick to highlight your curves is to use belts at the waist in tight blouses and dresses, for example. This accessory is a great partner to define the silhouette. Look how small the waist is Kim ! Enviable !

Do Not Hide

Do not be shy, or insecure, if you're lucky to have curves, not hide them in clothes that are too loose ! What to do then, if you wear a loose garment ? One option is to tie a knot as he did to show off her blouse Kim without getting lost in it.

Use Pads

To emphasize the shoulders ! Use blazer, jackets or coats with shoulder pads to accentuate the shoulder area helps to balance the hips pronounced. If the size of your hips complexed you, as this trick will help to conceal them. How about betting on a classic black blazer with shoulder pads ?

Use Pursed Dresses

Attention all, this trick is flattering for all body types. It's ruffled dresses fabric, creating a slimming effect in the most voluptuous and attach the necessary parts volume. You like ? Keep this in mind when choosing a prom dress !

Use Skirts

Dresses skirts, like the Kim looks in the picture, are very feminine and interest us because they create the effect of smaller waist. They are an alternative to dresses ruffles, but you can also transfer this style to other clothing, for example, a full skirt with a tight top. Follow us to see how to wear a skirt as your body.

Final advice ? Do not forget heels to style your figure. The heels give the perfect balance to your curvaceous and sexy image.
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