Jesus Peiro 2012

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Jesus Peiro 2012

No doubt Jesus Peiropara collection 2012, which we present today is one of the most varied bridal level, because within it you will see not only a great diversity in design, but also bet we can find a variety of tissues and truly original and daring combinations.

Although independent of the model chosen in this collection, success will be with us this special day, as all are possessed of a unique style and elegance, which are impossible to not find a collection of Jesus Peiro.
As some of the factors that stand in the collection of large skirts of tulle, lace details, high waists to a greater sense of height, type pencil skirts, ties adorning some of the designs and creative necks more a proposal.

Although the real charm of the collection is based on the wealth of materials chosen to give life to it, as can be seen from simple fabrics to other full of detail and carved into opportunities and to mingle these various textures to create designs even more irresistible. As you will see below in the pictures that we leave.

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