Manicure With Hearts for Valentine's Day

Manicure With Hearts for Valentine's Day

The most romantic love to think of each and every detail of Valentine's day, not only in order to surprise our partners but also with the of let love for each and every one of the pores of our skin.

In addition to choosing a great makeup for Valentine's day, in makeup we recommend you wear an original and romantic hearts-inspired manicure that will make your hands to become the center of attention.

Then you leave some good ideas, do not miss them !

The time that you have or your own skill with this type of tasks will be probably determine which of the following techniques carry out :

- Color Contrasts : paint the base of your nail in a single color and choose some colors which may contrast with the same when it comes to drawing the hearts (white base and red and pink hearts or celestial blue base and hearts of other pastels, for example). You can draw as many as you want always bearing in mind the contrasts of color and waiting to dry layers to not spoil the manicure.

- Central Heart : paint your nails of the color that you like (black, blue, pink and even white) for example, let them dry and then draw a big central heart in red or white to do this highlight. If hearts don't you realize very well you try to make a kind of 'V' with the brush upper edges rounding.

-Stickers : If manicure is definitely not yours but you don't want to renounce to show off your perfect nails for the day do not hesitate to get one of these stickers from hearts packages. You only have to paste one or two in one of the upper ends of the nail and once dried to give a layer with transparent enamel or some kind of glitter.

Here we leave some other manicures, inspire you in them !

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