Pin Picked Up Scarlett Johansson

Pin Picked Up Scarlett Johansson

Get a stylish hairstyle is among the most classic styles and the latest is not an easy goal to achieve, and even less when we also want to look an original collection not to resort to the traditional styles we've seen a million times.

To do this we will look at one of the latest styles worn by the gorgeous Scarlett Johansson, a hair pin-up style that embodies to perfection the elegance and sensuality so characteristic of the actress.

The style requires skill, dedication and great perfection, so if you're not especially good with your hair helps you better ask a friend or to go directly to your hairdresser.

If you dare, this is the step by step guide you should follow:

1. Wash and dry your hair trying not detract volume but also avoiding unsightly frizz that your hair take over.

2. Make a sharp lateral line and tip it slightly to the height of the crown; stretch very well the hair on each side of the line leaving only loose the frontal forelock or bangs.

3. Carda fringe hair down to get some volume and apply hairspray to keep it.

4. It is about the hardest part: brush the hair up (like when you make a ponytail) and is rolled up inside to the height of the crown. You can do this by placing some of those stuffed into a tube (like the donut buns) in a horseshoe shape and then covering her hair and holding fork.

5. Do not forget that the fringe was loose and now it's time to shape, performs a kind of pompadour hair running laterally to lateral line hinting that you made to divide the hair.

6. Hold hair thoroughly with fork and do not forget to take a good amount of spray that does not escape a single nap of the hair.
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