The Beauty Secrets of Kim Kardashian


Kim Kardashian Beauty Secrets

Its Perfect Dyed Secret

If Kim Kardashian told not be attached to a brand of cosmetics in particular, remained hooked to the make-up and other products for the face and body. If it says wake up his face with good cold water, his secret for a complexion bursting rest skin cleaning. Exfoliates your feet, every morning, Kim Kardashian easy its skin with a product of sugar cane and shea butter. Once the skin is well cleaned, the beautiful Brown uses a base and a moisturizer. Its ultimate Board: do not drink alcohol, not smoke, early to bed more often possible and especially through the mandatory make-up box! We is well in agreement with Kim!

Make-up Secrets

Fan of make up smoky eyes, Kim Kardashian knows how to put his eyes in value and fun to play the vamps on red carpet with false eyelashes and a line of eye liner subtle. If it is said much too masked, Kim defended. She loves shine social evenings but it can also be very natural. In an interview given to last year, the It girl said: "if I am on holiday, my home or sport I wear minimal makeup, or even not at all." And Yes, it happens to me! I am not that kind of girl sleeping masked fear that her boyfriend the surprises without artifice! "If you are really glamorous make-up is just an accessory". This will make shut up bad languages...

Her Hair Secret

Kim leg ? Its generous curves but also her jet black hair. For her, not question out without a perfect hairstyle but also perfectly maintained. Feeding and hydrating shampoo, serum and nutrient mask, miss Kardashian takes care of her hair, moving constantly from iron to smooth to wavy brushing. What is preferred in it? When it is a horse tail down leaving his face.

Its Slimming Secret

As J - Lo, buttocks of Kim Kardashian has earned a reputation as sacred. It must be said that the maid is working to hard to keep his dream curves. In addition to its diet of salads with lean meat, Kim passes also much time to the Sports Hall. What she prefers? Running on a treadmill, exercises on the ground like scissors and stretching muscling his thighs and buttocks of course!
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